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Hammer and the Dance – The Battle to Beat the Coronavirus

There are lots of articles being written about the coronavirus, but ‘Hammer and the Dance’ is particularly impressive.

It is a 25-minute read, is well researched, and the author’s views are supported by facts. It’s also an easy read, with data tables and chart visualisations. The data is changing daily, so it can’t be up-to-the-minute, but the substance of the arguments hold.

The article presents the strategic options available to governments, and the choices they need to make – do nothing, hammer, or dance.

The Irish Government and our medical experts are currently applying the hammer, and reading the story will help explain why it is the only real choice available. You can, therefore, see why the restrictions they are applying now are so important and why they need to involve all of us in the battle to beat the virus.

At Glance, we know how tourism businesses are being impacted now, but being closed is part of the necessary battle. We all take the pain, so this virus is defeated and we can begin to resume our lives and businesses again.

Here is the link to ‘HAMMER and THE DANCE


For Coronavirus data updates, here are three valuable websites

A Powerful Visualisation of the spread of the disease across the globe, and by country.
This visualisation gives you a sense of the battle being fought across the world, with the latest available information. It is compiled and maintained by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). See the chart here.

The World Health Organisation
Provides advice and information on the virus and has global updates. See website.

The Irish Government Website on Covid-19
Comprehensive advice and the latest information on the virus in Ireland, and links to other sources of information, advice and supports. See website.

Covid-19 – a Human & Economic Crisis

No one knows for certain when this coronavirus crisis will end or what the human and economic toll will be, but it is having a deep impact on all of us.

The tourism, travel, and hospitality sectors have taken the brunt of the economic impact. At Glance, we are committed to working with all our clients during these difficult times to help their businesses recover.

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