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Smart marketers fish where the fish are, especially in a time of crisis

You would never see a top-class angler go and just cast out a fishing line in any waters to see what happens. Instead, they would know to go to where the fish actually are, so their prospect of a catch is virtually certain.

If you have a tourism business, the same principles apply, and particularly during a time of crisis. You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) speculatively advertise in just any publication or channel. It’s far better to advertise or promote your business precisely targeting those you want to reach. You fish where the fish are!

Now as it happens, because of the coronavirus, there are going to be less ‘fish’ about for a while. It means it’s much more important to seek them out and precisely ‘cast’ to reach them.

This is where Glance Promotions come into our own and can help. We are in-destination marketers. This means we don’t communicate with visitors who are not travelling to Ireland. We only communicate with domestic and overseas visitors, already in Ireland, when they are looking at what to do next – to visit attractions, to take in a tour, to enjoy entertainment or dining out, or to participate in activities and great experiences.

We can reach them through our Brochure Display, GuideMaps, ‘Your Daily Adventure’, and various digital platforms.

When business resumes, or in advance of it, we are always available to advise you on the best options to attract more visitors.


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