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Where do U.S. Travellers feel safest at this time?

At Glance, we are tracking news and information from our source markets for a deeper understanding of what’s likely to happen when travel resumes, for sharing with our clients, and for signs of green shoots and innovations.

A survey, commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association and undertaken by MMGY Travel Intelligence, caught our eye. The survey is part of an ongoing pulse that is monitoring the impact of Covid-19 on U.S. Travellers. This chart is from a more extensive survey and is an early indicator of where U.S. travellers will feel safest (at this point in time).

Not surprisingly, they would feel safest in personal vehicles and in parks, and least safe on cruises and international flights. In other words, closer to home travelling by car.

The pulse was taken on March 27, 2020 and we will watch out for changes.

Why we share now is so you have an insight into the American traveller, but also because this probably mirrors the thinking here in Ireland. When travel resumes the domestic market is what will bounce back first, people will feel most secure when they are travelling in their own cars, and the outdoors will be where they will feel safest.

(At it happens, at Glance our focus is on In-Destination Marketing – communicating with Irish and overseas visitors here in Ireland when they are wondering about what they can see, do and enjoy next … once travel resumes. Our targets are primarily independent travellers, travelling by car!). 

In our blog, we’ll keep sharing information and ideas that may be of interest. We’ll also shortly be giving our views on travel in Ireland and what to expect once restrictions are lifted.


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