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PennyMen Press Machines Customised Souvenirs of your attraction

Customised Souvenirs of your attraction,
that visitors love and that you profit from!

Over the past 40+ years, Penny Press souvenirs have been one of the most consistent and successful souvenir profit centres for visitor attractions and other venues worldwide!

The PennyMen Ireland Penny Press is a unique souvenir generator that presses 5 cent coins into elongated coins which carry an embossed impression of your business. A memento visitors love.

For a cost of just €1.05, the PennyMen Ireland Press creates the most affordable souvenir for your guests. They even get their 5 cents back, with an embossed image of your business on it to remind them of their visit. You get to share the revenue, with zero investment cost and zero operational costs.

10 reasons you should consider our penny presses for you attraction

  1. Your visitors love them as mementos
  2. No investment is required
  3. No electrical power required (no cost to operate)
  4. Operates indoors or outdoors
  5. No stock to be purchased
  6. Free installation and maintenance
  7. Space required is just 60cm x 60cm
  8. Presses are custom-designed for your venue
  9. Souvenir coins feature up to four embossed designs of your venue
  10. You enjoy revenue share, and you start earning from Day One!

How it works and why customers love the pennymen souvenir pressed coins

  • Visitors select one of the specially designed images of your venue which they want to emboss on their 5-cent coin.
  • They place a one euro coin and a 5 cent coin into the Penny Press.
  • They manually turn the handle to press, emboss, and stretch their souvenir coin until it drops into the basket.
  • The Penny Press retains the €1.00 for revenue share with your venue, and the visitor has a unique, low-cost memento of their visit.
  • The Penny Press is loved by both adults and children. They love that they manually create their own memento of their visit. It’s a simple, fun experience.
  • Penny Presses can be found in thousands of venues world wide, and many visitors look out for the coins to collect them as souvenirs.

In some venues close to 10% of visitors will create their own souvenir coin


The press and the souvenir coins are specially designed for your venue

  • The graphics of each Penny Press will be specifically designed for your business, and if you have multiple locations a design specific to each can be created.
  • Each Penny Press machine will host four different embossing designs for the coins, all of them connected to your business.
  • Each embossing design will carry your business name and a relief etching of images identifying your business or location.
  • All designs are as approved by you.
  • The graphics which can be embossed on the souvenir coins present your visitors with four designs they can choose from. In many cases, customers will press more than one coin and choose more than one design. This allows them to share the coins, or to add them to their collection. Presenting coin design choices provides you with more opportunities to increase sales.

The PennyMen Press Business Proposition

  • The business is operated on a revenue share model. PennyMen Ireland fund the investment of the Penny Press and all on-going costs of servicing and maintenance, and you provide the 60cm x 60cm of space to host it.
  • Each Penny Press has a tamper-proof coin counter and, at each collection, we record this usage, provide you with a report, and subsequently transfer your revenue share to your bank account.
  • The revenue share is dependent on total revenue (which is why the location of the Penny Press in your business is so important) and loyalty in the relationship between both of us.

Your Commitment

  • For this business to work we need to agree on a good location within your business where the Penny Press can be located, secured and easily seen by visitors. We need a 3-year commitment, and we need to be the only Penny Press on your premises.



If you are interested in our presses, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss how PennyMen Ireland can help you open up this unique revenue-generating opportunity.

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