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8 Reasons why Glance Brochure Display will win YOU business

Visitor Brochures are proven to be the #1 influencer of visitors during a trip, provided they reach visitors in the right place and at the right time. That’s where Glance Brochure Display comes into its own. Here are 8 reasons why Glance Brochure Display is so effective in winning you business.

#1 Glance are ever-present wherever visitors are during their Ireland Trip

Glance display your brochures where overseas and domestic visitors are most likely to see them, and have the time to browse them at leisure. This includes hotels, guesthouses, holiday hostels, B&Bs, holiday homes, conference locations, visitor attractions, car hire desks, tourist shops, tourist offices, airports, ferry ports, and transport points.

#2 Brochures are actively SELECTED by visitors

Brochures, displayed effectively, are powerful because, unlike general advertising, they are actively selected by visitors from a Glance Brochure Display. The very act of selection reflects their interest, and increases the likelihood that they will visit or buy from the business whose brochure they select. Yours?

#3 Visitors are nearby and predisposed to visit or buy

Glance Brochure Displays present visitors with information while they are in Ireland, within easy reach of your business, and when they are actively exploring what to do, see and enjoy. More than 6 in 10 visitors who pick up a visitor brochure during their Ireland trip plan to visit or buy from a business they read about.

#4 Easy read and digitally connected

Brochures and maps are easy to read at any time or anywhere. They are not dependent on digital connections, although they often prompt visitors to use their mobile devices to take a ‘book or buy’ action.

#5 Precision targeting makes brochure display great value

You decide the distribution routes and areas you want your brochures displayed on. This, together with the fact that brochures are actively selected by visitors from a display, eliminates wastage. Brochures also reach, on average, 3.5 visitors per brochure, amplifying your message.

#6 Brochures engage, absorb, and stimulate action

Reading brochures is relaxing, and engages far more senses than reading online. Visitors can therefore more easily absorb your information and act upon it.

#7 More trusted and shared

Perhaps because of the volume of online ‘fake news’ and ‘fake views’, brochures and maps are more trusted. They are also easier to share with friends and family. Sharing is like an endorsement and positively influences their actions.

#8 Deals and offers work

Visitors love to receive offers. Brochures featuring deals, discounts, and ’value-extras’ can stimulate ‘visit or buy’ actions.

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