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in the hands and minds of visitors when
they are already here in Ireland,
and thinking… “what will we do next?“

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For almost three decades businesses throughout Ireland
have worked with Glance to communicate with
overseas and domestic visitors during their
Ireland trips. We’ve built a reputation as an industry
leader in connecting visitors with experiences,
delivering tangible business for our clients.
Below are some ways we can help you, OR go and select
the county your business is in or is targeting, to see
your promotional options!

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Glance Brochure Display
Glance Brochure Display 8 out of 10 visitors pick up a brochure. It’s the #1 Influencer of ”what to do next”!
We can distribute your brochures to up to 1,800 visitor-frequented locations round Ireland, including over 500 locations with our display racks. We can distribute your brochures locally, regional or throughout the island of Ireland. You decide!
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Your Daily Adventure Guides
Your Daily Adventure Guides Over 2 Million Readers. 5 Regional Editions
‘Your Daily Adventure’ is Ireland’s #1 Visitor Guide. There are 5 Regional Editons, it prints 680,000 copies and is read by over 2 million visitors during their trip. You can feature in one or more editions. It’s also digitally connected, with its own mobile-friendly website. Hugely influential!
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Glance Guidemaps
Glance Guidemaps Our FREE GuideMaps reach 2.8 Million Visitors
Maps are the #1 requested print item by tourists. Glance Visitor GuideMaps are FREE and are distributed to overseas and domestic visitors during their Ireland trips. They are a highly effective means of reaching your target audience.
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where and whereCARDS
where and whereCARDS Loved by Visitors, Concierge, and Frontdesk Staff
Visitors to Dublin love whereCARDS. They are informative, free, pocket-sized cards that guide visitors to the best of Dublin and beyond. The convenient size of the whereCARDS makes it easy for visitors to carry the cards in their pocket, purse, or bag for reference and to act upon. They will win you business!
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In-Market Digital
In-Market Digital Engage Visitors - Digital Opportunities for your Business
Glance offers a range of digital services to help you reach and engage visitors and sell online - from online promotional opportunities targeting visitors on the move; to digital messaging screens for your business, and online ticketing services and solutions for events, attractions, and venues.
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Your own Campaign Planner
Your own Campaign Planner Select a County and see your Best Options
Key in a county name and we’ll highlight the Glance products and services that can help you get your message to visitors during their trip to this county and its wider catchment area, and then beyond throughout Ireland. Of course you can also talk to us for free advice without any obligation.
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Blog, Tips, and Visitor Research
Blog, Tips, and Visitor Research Our Insights will Win you Business
Glance has been communicating with visitors to Ireland, both directly and on behalf of our clients, for almost three decades. We also study Ireland and International visitor trends and behaviours. We've learned a lot along the way. We are happy to share our insights (and use our experience to guide our clients).
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Design and Print services
Design and Print services Need any Help? Just ask us.
Did you know that Glance also offer our clients brochure scripting, design and print services? We can script and design your brochure, for maximum impact. We are also large buyers of print, and you can benefit from our experience and economies of scale in print buying.
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Business Supports
Business Supports Grow your Visitor Business
The Glance Team can help you grow your visitor business, and can offer a number of services to help you do so. We can also provide bespoke solutions to particular needs and challenges.
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Host a Brochure Display
Host a Brochure Display Help Guests have a Great Stay
Brochure Displays are powerful in guiding visitors and helping them enjoy their stay and, if they enjoy their stay, they are more likely to stay with you or visit you again, and recommend you to their friends and extended family. Glance can provide you with a variety of brochure display solutions.
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Meet the Glance Team
Meet the Glance Team ...who Guide Business to Yours
Glance employs dedicated staff who work to win you business. This includes strategists, sales and business advisors, graphic designers, digital content editors, warehouse staff, and an on-the-road team distributing and merchandising over 5 million Glance and client brochures, maps and guides each year.
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