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Here's why you should Host a Display from Glance Brochure Display


Seven reasons why you should host a Glance Visitor Brochure display – FREE!

Brochure Displays are powerful in guiding visitors and helping them enjoy their stay. If they enjoy their stay, they are more likely to stay with you or visit you again, and recommend you to their friends and extended family. Glance can provide you with a variety of brochure display solutions. Below are 7 reasons to host a Glance Display.


#1: Glance Brochure Displays help guide visitors to wonderful experiences and shape their views about their visit

The more that visitors enjoy your accommodation, attraction, or venue, the more likely it is that they will extend their stay, return again or recommend YOU to friends and extended family. Research by Bentley University’s Center for Marketing Technology in North America and Europe (including Ireland) confirms that brochures and maps are the #1 influencer of what a visitor does during a trip. They play a key role in guiding visitors to nearby attractions and experiences which add to their enjoyment and shape their views about their visit and where they stayed.


#2: Glance provide and manage quality visitor information displays

At Glance we know that providing quality information to visitors delivers results for our clients and for accommodation, attractions, and other venues that host our Brochure Displays. We provide our high-quality Brochure Display stands free of charge, and appropriate to each location, and we ensure the information is always kept up-to-date.

We also carefully manage, monitor and merchandise our displays – ensuring they are well presented, feature a wide range of local attractions and services, and are always well stocked.


#3: Displaying and using brochures highlights you as ‘Visitor Friendly’

Hosting a Glance Brochure Display says you ‘care to share’ information about all there is to do and enjoy in your City and Region. And, providing information in the visitor’s preferred format reflects positively on you as a visitor-friendly host. Brochures and maps are perfect for sharing and concierges, front desk staff, and  travel advisors, love using them as a key tool to engage, inform, and guide visitors.


#4: Glance Brochure Displays are ever-present

Glance Brochure Displays are available 24/7 for when the visitor seeks them out. Visitors can simply pick up the brochures or maps of interest to read then or to read later and then act upon.


#5: Glance Brochure Displays support local businesses, who support you

Supporting local businesses, by hosting a brochure display, shows you are part of the community. The more local businesses thrive, the more they will invest in marketing and in adding to the enjoyment of visitors – all of which will encourage visitors to return again and to recommend the destination and YOUR business.


#6: Visitors love and value brochures

Local brochures and maps are loved by visitors. In Ireland, 8 out of every 10 visitors pick up a brochure during their trip, which influences the ‘visit or buy’ actions of 84% of them.


#7: Hospitality Staff want brochures available for their guests

98% of hospitality professionals say they value having brochures available for guests, according to research by Bentley University’s Center for Marketing Technology. This is the view of the frontline staff at the check-in and concierge desks who have a great understanding of guest needs, and have the greatest potential to impact guest satisfaction levels.

Need More Information?

Glance can advise on, and provide, visitor brochure displays free of charge to visitor-friendly locations frequented by visitors from Ireland or overseas. We provide the service free to host locations, and we carefully manage, monitor and merchandise our displays (see #2 above).  Contact us for more information.

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