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The Glance Team who guide business to yours

Glance employs a dedicated team who work to win you business. This includes:

  • Strategists and analysts – who work to understand visitors and their information needs during an Ireland trip. They then shape the best way to guide visitors to our clients – as the providers of the services and the experiences visitors to Ireland are seeking.
  • Sales and Business Advisors – who can advise you on how best to reach and communicate with visitors during their trip, in order to win you more business.
  • Graphic designers – who work on our publications (or yours) to present visitors with information in a well-designed and an easy-to-read format. This helps visitors easily see the products, services, and experiences likely to be of interest to them – and to act upon the information.
  • Digital editors – to take your message online and present visitors with fresh content.
  • Warehouse and logistics staff – to help make sure our publications are always out there and in front of visitors – in the places and at the times visitors are most receptive to receiving and acting upon your promotional brochures and messages.
  • Our on-the-road team distributing and merchandising over 5 million Glance and client brochures, maps and guides each year.
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