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Influencing Visitors – FOUR myths debunked about brochures

So, you think you are a smart marketer…  but you don’t believe in targeting visitors during their Ireland trip through brochures. Here’s FOUR myths debunked by research facts and our experience!


Myth #1: “It’s too late to influence visitors during their Ireland trip”

Not true. It’s the opposite!  We know from Visitor International research that 88% of all visitors who pick up a visitor brochure, map, or guide during their Ireland trip are open to altering their plans based on the tourism businesses they read about. They are actively seeking out things to do, see, and enjoy. We also know, from Fáilte Ireland research, that between 51% and 58% of visitors first hear of an attraction they visit during their Ireland trip. In addition, over 80% of visitors to Ireland never get to visit the places they intend to, often because they learn about other options for enjoyment during their trip. Your product or service can be one of their options!

Myth #2: “Digital works best”

During trips – absolutely not true. Research confirms that visitor brochures, maps, and guides are the number one influencer of visitors during their trip. What is true is that visitors often first learn about tourism business from a visitor brochure, and only then use a mobile device to access a website or app to get more information or to complete a ‘visit or buy’ action.

Myth #3: “Digital Only saves our marketing budget”

True it may save your marketing budget, but maybe not your business.  If you extend this thinking, then ceasing all communication with visitors saves your budget even more! Smart marketers know the real judgment should be ‘what gives the best return on promotional investment,’ i.e., what wins you business. Our recommendation, based on international research, our deep understanding of during-trip visitor behaviour, and client feedback, is precisely-targeted brochures. We also recommend your brochures encourage visitors to go online to learn, book, or buy from you. While brochures are #1 during trip, digital plays a key role, and we always recommend a dual strategy. At Glance, we also provide digital communication opportunities for our clients.

Myth #4: “Brochures and Brochure Distribution is Expensive”

Not true, if your measure is the cost per customer acquired versus the alternatives. All marketing communications incur a cost. What determines value is what you get in return for what you pay. Digital campaigns can be expensive, and they are not effective if trying to reach visitors during a trip – you ‘pay, spray, and pray’ your messages finds a target who might be interested.  In contrast, with Glance Brochure Display, brochures are precisely targeted to reach visitors during their trip, by route, based on client needs and budgets. This delivers the best results. We can also provide budget-saving advice on effective brochure design, printing, and distribution.


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