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Watch out for SUSPECT promotional opportunities, once we get through these difficult times!

(The views of Visitor International, the International Association of Visitor Information Providers)

On March 11, The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a global pandemic. No one knows what the final human and economic toll will be, but we all agree we must make people and their wellbeing our absolute priority, and then seek to sustain our businesses.

As dark as these times are, we will come through this together. At the appropriate time, there will be global campaigns to get people travelling again, and in greater numbers. When this happens the members of Visitor International will be in the frontline guiding visitors to the great experiences their clients offer.

Beware of Suspect Promotional Opportunities

Unfortunately, there are likely to be ‘new’ promoters poised to try and capitalise on the vulnerability of businesses at this time by presenting opportunities to promote to visitors through both print publications and online channels. They are likely to be quoting very low participation rates and claiming large audiences for your message.


Here is our strong advice.

  • If you don’t know the promotional company who has just ’emerged’ with a ‘great offer’, be extra cautious.
  • If the offer sounds too good to be true, that’s because it probably is!
  • Don’t be impressed by glossy publications. That’s not what will deliver business. What delivers is the precise targeting of the visitors you wish to reach at the times they are most receptive to your message – and you need to reach them in large numbers.
  • New promoters are likely to quote large print and readership numbers. That’s easy to do! Probe this. How do they plan to distribute the publication (what is the certified print run?; precisely where will they be distributed?; with what frequency?; how are they displayed?; how are they merchandised through the season?; how many vans on the road? Can they prove all this?).
  • Finally, do you trust that they have a real interest in partnering with you to win you business, or will they be here today and likely to be gone tomorrow?



Note: In Ireland, Visitor International recommends Glance Promotions (established in 1992).

Visitor International is the International Association of Visitor Information Providers. Our member companies around the world specialise in providing client information to visitors during their stay in their destination, to guide them to wonderful experiences. Our members follow the Association’s code of standards and ethics and are trusted to deliver for their clients.

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