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Cork Visitor GuideMap 150,000 Copies Free to Visitors

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Prints 150,000 copies. 525,000 readers.

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About the Glance Cork Visitor GuideMap

Print Quantity: 150,000 copies

Readership: circa 525,000 visitors

Target Audience: overseas and domestic visitors during their Ireland trip.

Distribution: distributed to over 250 visitor-frequented locations including tourist offices, accommodation providers, major attractions, visitor centres, Cork Airport and more. We also fulfil requests from inbound tour operators and conference organisers.

Free to Visitors: The Glance Visitor GuideMap is FREE to visitors.

Print Date: March (annually)


Why our GuideMaps are so effective for clients: 

Maps are MOST-LOVED by Visitors: Research confirms that maps are the most requested information piece by tourists. Glance FREE Visitor GuideMaps are a guaranteed means of reaching your target audience.

Pinpoint Marking – we literally put you on the map!: Once you advertise we also pinpoint your name and location on the map – so visitors can easily see and find you.

Large Print Run and readership: The old adage “The more you tell, the more you sell” holds true for Glance GuideMaps. We produce and distribute over 650,000 Visitor GuideMaps nationally per year, including 150,000 Cork Maps with a readership of circa 525,000 visitors.

‘Cared-for’ Distribution: Glance has an “on the road” distribution team, ensuring the availability of maps in accommodation providers, tourist information offices, attractions, activity providers, and other locations where tourists are actively looking for information. Supplies are constantly being monitored and replenished throughout the year.

Quality Design and Print: We pride ourselves on the quality of our Visitor GuideMaps. They are designed and printed for ease of use by visitors so that they prove extremely valuable to both visitors and clients.

Advertising represents excellent value: You have choices of how you want to be featured and how much you spend. You can choose a ‘Picture and Text Entry’ or a Display Advertisement (various sizes and costs). Whichever you choose, the value of this targeted marketing is excellent.

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