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Glance Visitor Brochure Display in Kilkenny
Reach visitors through an extensive visitor brochure display network in Kilkenny.

Know the Essentials

The Glance Team, working on behalf of our clients, are on the road year-round delivering and servicing our visitorbrochure displays in key visitor-frequented locations in Kilkenny.

  • We distribute brochures to 66 key visitor-frequented locations in County Kilkenny.
    This includes 16 Prime Brochure Display-Rack locations serviced throughout the year.
  • Our key display locations include hotels, guesthouses, and visitor attractions.
  • Our networks provide access to visitors, precisely at the time when they are considering “what will we do next” – where to visit, shop, eat, be entertained, or travel to.
  • Some selective numbers, we are ever-present in hotels that have over 540 bedrooms. This provides an opportunity for your brochure to be seen during over 155,000 guestnight stays in Kilkenny during the year.
  • City and Town locations we distribute to include Kilkenny, Thomastown, and Urlingford.

Interested in having your brochure displayed in Kilkenny?

We have standard contract display periods, designed to help ensure that your promotional messages reach visitors at the times that will best work to deliver you business. For details of contract periods and rates please call 061 338 588


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