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South East Daily Adventure Ireland's #1 Visitor Guide

Advertise in the South East Edition of ‘Your Daily Adventure’. 262,000 readers.

Ireland’s #1 Visitor Guide – Free to Visitors

The ‘Your Daily Adventure’ publications are printed each year, across 5 Regional Editions, with a combined readership of over 1.2 million. The guides have been produced by Glance since 2002, and are Ireland’s #1 Visitor Publication.

The series, including the ‘Your Daily Adventure South East Edition’, is designed to present visitors to Ireland with the best options for enjoyment, and in a way they can easily see and find what’s of interest to them. Huge numbers of our readers then travel to the featured visitor attractions, activities, entertainments, destinations and shopping experiences they would like to experience during their stay in Ireland.

About the South East Edition

Readership: circa 262,000 visitors

Target Audience: overseas and domestic visitors during their Ireland trip

Distribution: distributed to over 330 visitor-frequented locations including tourist offices, accommodation providers, major attractions, visitor centres, airports and more. We also fulfil requests from inbound tour operators and conference organisers.

Free to Visitors: Your Daily Adventure is a FREE publication available from all outlets, encouraging visitors to pick up a copy.

Print Date: March (if you miss the date, enquire about featuring on our ‘Your Daily Adventure’ website targeting visitors on the move).

Why it’s effective for clients: We provide greater details further below as to why it’s so effective. However, in summary, it’s a combination of:

  • the quality and depth of the content and its 100% relevance to visitors (and it’s FREE!).
  • the size of the print run and the readership levels.
  • the careful distribution of the guide – we place copies in front of visitors during their Ireland trip while they are nearby and actively considering what to do next.
  • visitors actively choose to pick it up because they are interested (no wastage; higher conversions).
  • the care we take in ensuring every copy counts for our clients – which is why we have a fully planned system in place to ensure outlets that can influence visitors are provided with supplies, and additional top-ups are provided throughout the life of the publication.


13 great reasons why you should advertise in ‘Your Daily Adventure’ series…

#1: Large Distribution and Readership: The series is distributed to over 1,500 visitor outlets, and read by over 1.2 million visitors during their travels around Ireland. There are 5 regional editions for maximum value to visitors and impact for clients. Each edition is read by between 210,000 and 262,000 people.

#2: It’s FREE to Visitors: It features quality, informative,  visitor-relevant, well-presented content  – all free to visitors.

#3: Targeted Audience: the guide communicates directly with visitors during their holidays in Ireland, at the precise time they are looking for things to see and do. Because we produce Regional editions, what we present to readers are often nearby and easily reached.

#4: Distributed and merchandised:  The distribution of every copy is planned, merchandised and tracked. Our vans and merchandiser team are on the road throughout the year, ensuring our guides are always available to visitors. They replenish brochure supplies as needed, and we increase the frequency of our calls to tourist outlets in high season so that your message is always in front of visitors during their stay.

#5: Full Year Exposure for your business:  Our annual ‘Daily Adventure’ guides carry your message for a full year, from pre-main season, right through the summer, into the late off-season and until our next edition is in distribution.

#6: Visitors actively SELECT it: The Daily Adventure never “falls out” of other publications or are “dropped” into letterboxes. They are carefully placed where visitors can select them if interested. This means no wasted copies, and the very act of selection means the person is already predisposed to visiting or buying from those featured in the guide.

#7: We focus on Visitor-Relevant Content: the ‘Your Daily Adventure’ is dedicated to only presenting ‘days out’ and ‘nights out’ content to visitors. We don’t accept advertising that is not visitor relevant. It’s why the guide is loved by visitors to Ireland, as well as concierge and other hospitality professionals.

#8: Easy See You. Easy Find You: The layout of each guide is designed to make it easy to use and to find you. All information is presented in a clear and consistent way.

#9: You’ll be in Good Company:  The Daily Adventure was first published by Glance in 2002. It’s thrived and become #1, because both visitors and the travel trade love it. A good test is to check out who else features in the guide – it’s a whose-who of the best attractions and experiences in your Region. They are there for a reason, the ‘Your Daily Adventure’ delivers business.

#10: Convenient size: The page size makes it easy for a visitor to hold and use the guide. The number of pages is also limited, increasing the likelihood that you will be seen by the reader.

#11: It’s PRINT!: International Research confirms that print is the #1 preferred source of information by visitors during their trip. It’s tactile, easier to read and absorb than digital, and is not dependent on digital connections. If they read about you in print, they are more likely to remember you.

#12: Value: The guide represents exceptional value. Consider the print quantities and readership; the merchandising teams that place and replenish the guides year-round; the year-round opportunity for your message to be seen; and the precise targeting of visitors, often within easy reach of you, while they are looking for things to do.

#13: Digital too: The Daily Adventure has a new companion website, see YourDailyAdventure.com. It can provide visitors with an in-depth profile of your attraction, experience or service, at no extra cost to you. The website was also designed for visitors on the move throughout Ireland and, on mobile devices, includes a “Show Nearby Attractions” feature.

Use our County Campaign Planner

Glance can provide you with lots of ways to win business. Use our Campaign planner and select the county you are targeting. You will then see suggested options to reach visitors during their Ireland Trips in that area.

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